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Hey , Assalamualaikum bloggie :)

Itulah saya :) it's the real me, officially! cantik? hodoh? bajet? I don't care whatever you said. It's just me :D
Full name : Nur Farisha Shahirah binti Abdul Rahman bin Mahmun bin Yasin. ups, terpanjang pulak. 
                    Asal-usul jangan dilupakan :P
Nama untuk Nick (Nickname, mwehehe) : Isha. okay, manje right?
Date of birth : 26 October 1998 
Sign : Scorpio <3
Status : In A Relationship With my future husband =)
Hobbies : Spazzing, Youtube-ing, merapu meraban, tunggu XOXO album jatuh dari langit.
I wanna be a wife and a mom someday :O

The things that you should know about Me ! Ready, get set, Go!
1. I love music. Oops, correction : I really really really love music! Music is my Soul, and my Soul need it . Plus, I'm A Kpopper! #TeamKpopper I'm EXOtics, BABY, Angel, Primadonna, 4Nia, Boice, Shawol, ELF, Cassiopeia, Hottest, Aileeans, B2uty, Blackjack, VIP, PlayGirlz, Melody, Say A, L.O.V.E and many more! I'm multi fandom 
2. Reading. yeah, I love it. There's so many book in my room and most of them are Novel :)  
3. Aq ada ramai kawan tapi aq pemalu. :p 
4. I maybe look nice in your eyes (kayy, perasan sekejap), but sometimes I can be a monster when I'm mad, I can be annoying, and make you feel don't wanna live in this world anymore. Cehh, over je.
5. The type that I want in my friend-self. Wahh, ayat baru.
    1. Talkative. It's because I don't really like to ask you many many question, but I'd just like to give respond in 
your question :) so, you first and I'm next.
    2. Secret keeper. easy for me to share my story.
    3. Does't to childish or to matured. I hate when you getting Overr !
    4. Honest. yes, this is the most important thing that I hope it have in yourself.
    5. Last but not least, Just be the way you are ! 
6. This is my second blog. well, budak mengade-nggade macam ni lha :P 
7. don't be a soooo kind type of girl. that will make me hate you! (kayy, pelik)
8. Stop judging me lha!
9. I love to 'perdajal' orang and love to hear a story about someone kene dajal.
10. I'll smile alone like crazy girl when I saw some cute guys :) haha, gedik. kayy, tau
11. I hate to wear makeup. it's like I wear a mask and it so so so merimaskan! 

okayy, that's all that you should know and I can tell you about Me. Bye , see you in the next entry. See? can you see me ? haha :D  
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