20 May 2012

Just smile :)

hey, hey, hey! Assalamualaikum bloggie =)

Today I felt very very happy! Dunno why. biar lha Isha nak happy, x menyusahkan awak bukan? actually, Isha tengah kepenatan nie sebab baru balik dari tranning. Tapi sebab happy sangat, dengan penuh semangat waja Isha nak update! mwehe :D
hmm, tadi terpikir nak citer ape ye? Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, Ah yes! I want to story story about my featured schedule. I will really really busy next week. I'll start with Mid Year Examination (okayy, not very happy to say that). well, I still a student in secondary school. what? EXAM?
Oh ya, EXAM! Amagad! I really got stress when thinking bout that! I really weak at History and Geografi. I hope I can get backup mark for that subject. Erggh! STRESS! but this just the first agenda =) When we having stress till menonggeng, surely we have to release it! so, my parents has setup for a VACATION! 
Yeah! I really hope I can get it and it's become true now! mimpi jadi kenyataan kott! kau ada? x ada kan! =P the vacation's date just nice because it just at the next day of my last day exam. Ehhey, what a perfect planning!

Okayy, that's all for tonight! I feel really tired right now and my lovely pillow (bantal busuk jea) dah start bermanja-manja with me. Oh god, make this eyes open a little bit longer. Okayy pillow, fine you win. I'll never can defeat you. okayy bye =)
 p/s: If you want to know where I'll get going for this time holiday, wait for the next entry!

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